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Lillian Xie

Illustrator & Animator

Contact: [email protected]

Adopts Info

[email protected] or Twitter @clowncave
★ Payment through PayPal or Venmo
★ First come first serve! Claims must be paid within 24 hours, or they will be sold to the next buyer
★ After payment is confirmed, you will receive a watermark-free image file and a transparent PNG file
Terms & Conditions
-Please credit the art using this link:
-Feel free to change the design in any way, including species, name etc
-Designs are for personal use only. If you’re interested in commercial use, please message me!
-Designs can be traded or sold, but please let me know the new owner
FAQ: What are adopts?
Adoptables are character designs you can buy and use as OCs, RP, etc or even just collect. More here!

(List adopts here)

Commissions: Character/People

[ OPEN: 1 of 2 Slots Available ]

[email protected] or Twitter @clowncave
★ USD payment upfront, via PayPal or Venmo
★ When I start your piece, I’ll mail a commission update at the end of every other week
★ Will draw: humans/humanoids, OCs, IRL people/portraits from photographs, pets from photographs, designing FR gijinkas, PG-13 couples art, etc
★ Won't draw: NSFW, robots
★ If there's a particular art style or you like from me that isn't listed in the examples, feel free to request it!
Terms & Conditions
-Commissions are for personal use only. (eg: personal social media icon, character for DND, gift for SO, rp, etc)
-If you’re interested in commercial use, DM me for commercial pricing. (eg: album cover, art for apparel, art prints for selling, shop logo or banner, etc)
-Please credit the art using this link:
-I reserve the right to refuse/accept any commission inquiry for any reason.
-If I have not started your commission and am no longer able to work on it for any reason, you will be refunded the full price paid.

-character sketch sheet/expressions page
(commissions form button)